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International Notarial Services Attorney

We offer  international verification and true copies of original documents, verification of address, statements and AFFIDAVIT.

Our law firm is included in the list of the British Embassy Lawyers and qualified to issue documents verifications. 

We can provide similar service at the French and Italian embassies where our law firm is also listed. 

Documents legalization to be used in the U.K. and in English speaking countries.

The Different Notarial Services in Thailand
The Social Lawyers International Law Firm Pattaya Thailand.

A “notary public” is typically an official who has been granted by the government to validate signatures or documents, and eyewitness affirmations or records of persons under pledge.
In general, a notary public Thailand has no right to act when not in the jurisdiction of the administration where the notary is authorized. Notarization of documents is often needed when it is essential to confirm the authenticity of the document or to ascertain that the person signing the record is whom they say there are.
The Hague Convention Abolished the Requirements of Legalization for Foreign Public Acts, the Apostil Convention, or the Apostil Treaty, is an international agreement outlined by the Hague Conference, but Thailand takes not part on it.
Should you need notary services in Thailand, our Pattaya “notarial service attorney” Thailand, may be able to serve your needs. In other situations, you may need the help of an embassy or the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Alternatively, you may need certification from some combination of the above authorities.
The Embassy of the nation to which the document shall be presented.

Even though Thailand does not license notaries public, some Thai lawyers as our Pattaya law firm The Social Lawyers, are licensed to function as notarial services attorneys. The Lawyers Council of Thailand coordinates the practice of notarial services in Thailand. A Thai lawyer is obliged to pass a professional preparation on notarial services before he or she can be registered as a notarial services attorney in Thailand.
If legally authorized to act, a notarial services attorney can:
1. Confirm the authenticity of signatures in a document;
2. Verify the identity of parties to an agreement;
3. Conduct oaths and affirmations;
4. Attest to and endorse certain forms of documents;
5. Witness the signature of a document.
Should you require some other kind of authentication, certification or legalization you might need to refer to one of the following authorities: your Embassy, the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Embassy of the nation to which the document has to be presented. In some instances, you may need to present a document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only after a notarial service in Thailand attorney has verified it.

Notary Services issued by the Embassies

If you need to use in an other country a document produced in Thailand, you may necessitate using the notary services available from the Embassy of the related country, or you may need to use the services of your Embassy if you need a notary public to be used in your country while you are in Thailand. Typically, these kinds of documents can be issued only to the citizens of the country represented by the Embassy
Legalizations issued by The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs
As we said, Thailand is not part of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents; therefore if you require to validate or certify a document that arose outside Thailand or a certificate from Thailand that shall be accepted in another nation, you could be obliged to have it authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international use.

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Notary Services issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand  

Address of the Legalization Section of Consular Affairs Department of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 123 Chaengwattana Road, Bangkok. Opening hours: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday excluding government holidays.

This is definitely the most secure way, even though it could be not as easy as one can think. In fact, if you need to use a document created in Thailand in another country, you typically necessitate a notary services certification from the Embassy of that country. Or, you may need to use the services of your Embassy if you need a notary public to be used in your country while you are in Thailand. A typical example is a Power of Attorney to sell a property registered on your name in your country while you have no possibility to attend to the deal in person.
Typically, these kinds of documents can be issued only to the citizens of the country represented by the Embassy


We can also provide:

Thailand Affirmation of Residency
To obtain an affirmation of residency, you need to bring evidence of identities such as your passport, and proof of your address in Thailand. Such evidence can be a utility bill, a bank statement, or a local driving licence.

Certified copy of a document as:
Degree certificates: By postal application or appointment
Proof of life (requested by banks to transfer to your account the pensions of retirement.

It is not possible to certify photocopies of British marriage, divorce, criminal records, change of names, birth and death certificates.
Documents Legalization