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. The social Lawyers Company Ltd., is a professional and trustful law firm known and listed by the embassies of Great Britain, France and Italy.
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The Social Lawyers Co., Ltd.

is a trustful law firm known and listed by the Embassies of Great Britain, France and Italy.
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Dr. Carlo Filippo Ciambrelli, President of The Social Lawyers Co. Ltd.,
 Lecturer of Thai Law at the Mahidol Salaya University of Bangkok
Official Court Interpreter

Graduated at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” before completing his education in Oxford (Great Britain),
English as first language, (Italian MT, fluent in Thai and French), Dr. Carlo Filippo Ciambrelli started practicing as a criminal-lawyer at the
“Golino International Law Firm”, one of the most prominent Italian-International Law Firms of the eighties.
Expert of Thai and International Law, he has often legally assisted foreign national “pro-bono” upon Embassies request.
Dr. C F Ciambrelli is an Official Interpreter of the Pattaya Provincial Court of Justice with more then 20 years of experience in all fields of the Thai Law.

Mr. Sackchai Rungpuvapat
Lawyer document Court house Lawyer certificate
      Lawyer Association  Thailand           
Licenced Thai Lawyer
 Mr. Patiphan Patsa

Mr. Sackchai Rungpuvapat , our Thai Lawyer in Pattaya and Bangkok, is an experience, licensed attorney at law with more then 30 years of successful practice in all fields of the law. Mr. Sackchai Rungpuvapat specializes in both Criminal and Civil Law with special emphasis in helping and assisting foreign nationals in Thailand.


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The Social Lawyers is a law firm known and listed by the Embassies of Great Britain, France and Italy.
We offer Pro Bono legal-assistance through embassy referrals.

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