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. To properly draft a last will (testament) legally valid in Thailand is highly recommended to seek the assistance of an expert lawyer.
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Last Will – Testament

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The importance to properly draw a LAST WILL...
 Last Will Testament

The Thai law grants us wide powers of discretion as to how to dispose of our assets. Provided that we have drawn up  a testament (better if done with the help of an expert), we can freely dispose of our assets with the sole exception of the goods acquired after the marriage. In fact, if we are married,  half of the patrimony acquired after marriage technically already belongs to the spouse and will be automatically assigned to her or him 
The remaining half of the patrimony if you are married, or the totality of it if you are single or divorced, can be bequeathed to anybody without restrictions. In other words, you can "disinherit" your children or anybody else and freely decide to whom to bequeath your properties without any limits.
Although it is true that Thai law gives us these wide powers of discretion which would be unthinkable in the majority of Western countries, when it comes to actually taking possession of an inheritance, things are not as easy as they might appear. If we truly care about our loved ones who will survive us, we had best be extremely prudent and provident "before" our passing and draw a proper Last Will (Testament) with the help of our Lawyer in Thailand.

The nomination of an Executor is essential to take possesion of a Heritage (Inheritance) in Thailand 
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